Saturday, April 5, 2008


well, we have come to the last two lab projects in my horticulture class. which brings me to the bonsai, being our last project. we are to come prepared with a plant to be then 'trained' to become said bonsai. it's really quite fascinating; we have about 35 different plants to choose from to make the bonsais. which, of course, i then have to research which ones i might want to do. so, i went to the nursery today to find a suitable candidate, and oh my goodness, it was hard!! i couldn't make a decision, and there weren't nearly as many choices as were on my list.

now, i have been researching what to look for and where to begin, growing difficulties with different species, etc. and it gets more and more fascinating. they are absolutely beautiful when done correctly and effectively. the people that really get into, *really* get into it. this is going to be a fun project. i'm excited by this.

here's some pictures of the top three types i'm considering:

wisteria bonsai

azalea style

and the japanese maple version